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Dental Implant

Patients often complain that these removable prostheses, especially in the lower jaw, because of movement while eating and talking.

What Are The Dental Implants?

Implants are described as artificial roots made from titanium or ceramics, known as tissue-friendly material that best imitates the missing region to eliminate tooth missings for patients who have lost their teeth for any reason.

To Whom Can Dental Implants Be Applied?

Implant application can be performed to almost all patients. This spectrum includes patients who have lost one tooth or all of their teeth. In order to treat these cavities in patients with a single tooth extracted, it is necessary to make a bridge prosthesis by reducing the neighboring teeth next to the cavity with classical methods. This application is not preferred by many patients because their healthy teeth will be touched.  In implant application, a tooth deficiency can be treated without touching the neighboring teeth by placing an implant in the cavity. In patients who have lost all their teeth, a total prosthesis (known as palate prosthesis), which is described as insertable and removable by classical methods, is performed.  Patients often complain that these removable prostheses, especially in the lower jaw, because of leave while eating and talking. With the implant application, these prostheses can become stable and even after the appropriate amount of bone is evaluated, they are made comfortable by making a fixed bridge prosthesis like their natural teeth. In another application, it is performed on patients who have lost their back teeth. Again, patients can be treated by making partial prosthesis (known as half palate) with classical methods. However, it is not desirable for a removable prosthesis to enter the mouth by patients who have lost only a few teeth. With the implant application, patients are satisfied with a fixed bridge prosthesis that best imitates natural teeth.

Considerations In the Care of Dental Implants

Bone volume is very important for implant application. In patients with insufficient bone amount, this situation can be corrected by various operations. Smoking is known to harm overall health, and this is especially seen in those who smoke more than one pack a day and adversely affect the long-term success of implants.

Is There Any Obstacle For Dental Implant?

In fact, tooth loss is mostly seen in older age groups. However, 15 years should be expected for girls and 18 years for boys. In some special cases, it is also possible to do it earlier in these young individuals. It should be evaluated by the dentist correctly.

How Often Should Dental Implants Be Checked?

Lack of good oral care and natural tooth loss are also valid for implants. Just as you need to check every 6 months for natural teeth, it is necessary to apply the same protocol in implants. In this way, it will be possible to keep the implants in the mouth in a healthy way.

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