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Smile Design

Smile design is a condition in which the person’s smile is made more aesthetic with zirconium and laminated veneers/crowns, gum treatments, whitening and lip applications. The gums of the person who is designed for the smile are brought back to normal.

With the smile design, the social life of the person becomes more comfortable and their self-confidence is rises. The dentist examines all the details on your face structure, skin color, teeth and lips.  The most important point in smile design is harmony of teeth and gingiva. In case of smile, it should appear at a certain rate.

• Teeth whitening

• Zirconium, laminated or porcelain crowns/veneers

• Pink aesthetics

• Bonding

• Orthodontic treatments

• Clarification of lip contours

• Implants

Since smile design is an application that made according to the preferences of the person, it can be finished by spreading to the long or short period. Before the smile design, a draft is prepared digitally with all the details of the person.  After the patient approve the draft, the treatment process is started by making a plan. After all treatment procedure, the result is almost the same as the draft. With the smile design, the social life of the person becomes more comfortable and his self-confidence is revealed.

In smile design, teeth should not always be cut and coated. Generally, more protective applications such as laminates, bonding, whitening can also satisfy the your aesthetic expectations.  

Due to structural differences between men and women, different models appear. Since the general facial features of women are oval, rounder and oval teeth are made.

In men, rectangular and square-shaped teeth are made. The most suitable designs for everyone’s skeleton and facial structure are possible, but this does not mean that miracles are created. Naturalness is the most important thing to consider in smile design. On average, treatment periods end between 3 and 6 weeks. Of course, this condition varies with the problems in the patient’s mouth and their treatment.

What Does Smile Aesthetics Mean?

It is the process that correlate the various aesthetic process so as to looks good to the eye and help the person about feeling good. The smile design is process that made the desired situation by using techniques such as whitening, zirconium crowns, bonding, dental bridges, tooth length adjustment. In the smile design, the treatment process should be planned according to the patient’s wishes. The dentist and patient decide the desired treatment method together.  The smile design process is conducted according to the patient’s preferences hence the longer or shorter treatment process is an election-related situation. All the details of the person’s mouth are drafted digitally. After the patient’s approval, the treatment process begins. When the treatment is completed, the result and the draft seems to be almost same. Together with its smile design, one’s confidence will be fulfilled and will feel better. Owing to the smile design, self confidence of person will be increased and person will be felt better.

Which Problems Does Smile Design Resolve?

•Discoloration of teeth

• Disorders in linear sorting of teeth

• Broken and cracked tooth structures

• Shape deformations on the teeth surface

• Tooth losses

• The tooth length is too long or short or incompatible with each other.

What Processes Does Smile Design Include?

Since the aesthetic needs of each patient will vary, the procedures to be applied are determined specifically for individuals. The patient’s facial features, gender, age and wishes are taken into consideration when determining the procedures to be applied.

In the first place, existing teeth cariesAs first stage, the caries and gum diseases should be treated. In addition, teeth cleaning is carried out. After these applications are completed, the procedures are determined according to the needs of the patients. The procedures to be performed are generally known as gingivectomy, gum aesthetics interventions, teeth whitening and bleaching methods and dental deficiencies are completed with implant and prosthesis applications. In addition, porcelain laminates and coatings, zirconium coatings and orthodontic treatment methods are the treatment methods applied.

Criteria to Consider When Designing a Smile

If you are interested in smile design procedure, you can contact with DT GROUP CLINICS to make an appointment by phone to be examined by our specialist dentists in the field.

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