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Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)

Endodonti, tooth pulp (living tissue with veins and nerves in the teeth) and the diseases of the surrounding tissues surrounding the teeth, and the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and pulp tissue injuries of these diseases...

Smile Design

The smile design is a condition where the person's smile is made more aesthetic with zirconic and laminated coatings, gums treatments, bleaching and lip applications.


A fixed prosthetic application is the process of combining science and art and replacing missing or excessive material with materials similar to tooth tissue and color.

Restorative Dental Treatment

Restorative dental treatment, repair of material losses caused by caries or non-caries in the external hard tissues, and restore lost aesthetic and function to the patient... caries or non-caries


The word orthodontics comes from Latin and has an inline (smooth) tooth meaning. The crooked teeth are not just aesthetic problems, but also negatively affects the function and oral health.

Pediatric Dentistry(Pedodontics)

Milk teeth are the saviors of our childhood. However, the milk teeth play an important role in the proper development of conversations. The milk teeth guides the permanent teeth that will replace them.

Oral, Dental And Jaw Surgery

Oral and Jaw Surgery, diagnosis and treatment for the correcting of the diseases, injuries and disorders of hard and soft tissues in the mouth, teeth and chin areas of individuals of all ages...

Dental Implant

Dental implant is indispensable for those experiencing tooth loss today. The implant is a screw made from titanium that is used to treat missing teeth and placed inside the jaw bone.

Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry or other means that CAD/CAM restoration systems are evolving and becoming widespread. Scientific and technical advances are being made every day in the field of digital dentistry...

Aesthetic Dentistry

The expectation of aesthetic and healthy smile and oral-dental health in humans has become quite widespread. In this expectation, technology has a role to make communication between individuals the easiest.

Invisalign (Removable Aligner) 

With transparent plaques the crooked teeth can be treated without the usage of braces. Invisalign treatment has been applied around the world for over 20 years and more than 10 million people...

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