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Periodontal diseases are also serious diseases that affect bone tissues that support gums and teeth. When these diseases are treated early, they are easily and successfully achieved. Otherwise it causes serious pain and tooth loss.


These are very stylish and easily encountered problems today. Gingivitis is the beginning of gums. The cause of the formation is bacteria plaques. Lack of oral care causes bacterial plaque in gums over time. Bacteria plaque gums show red and bleeding during brushing. To avoid this problem, we should brush our teeth regularly and use floss. If these precautions are not taken, the disease will move quickly and damage the bones that support the gums.


The problem of untreated or unobserved Gingivitis is progressing. This disease is an inflammatory disease that destroys bones that surround the root of the teeth. They can reproduce quickly between the teeth and the gums. The progression of the disease causes the swinging of your teeth. Besides, because of this disease, teeth tend to get away from each other over time. People who appear to have a periodontitis problem have a strong smell of mouth and a buildup of gums. If you need to, you need to take treatment from a specialist dentist in the field and care about dental hygiene.

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